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Whatever you are looking for, be it a regular monthly or bi monthly window clean we can provide a reliable service to meet your needs. We also offer gutter clearing, soffit and fascia cleaning and complete conservatory cleaning.

We find that the best way to clean windows outside is to use pure water and an extendable water fed brush system. This completely eliminates the need for ladders as all the cleaning can be done from the ground, this keeps the cleaner and your property much safer. It also means that we can clean hard to reach windows that previously couldn’t be cleaned. We also have portable systems so if you live where your property doesn't have vehicle access, we can still come and clean. We can clean up to 35ft or three storeys high.

What is pure water? Pure water is normal tap water that has been put through different filters and resins to remove all the impurities and chemicals. Pure water will leave the windows looking clean and clear because it dries to a spotless finish.

How is pure water used in window cleaning? Pure water is pumped up a extendable pole with a brush at the end. As the window is scrubbed the water flowing through the brush helps to lift the dirt and wash it down the window. After the scrubbing has taken place the brush is lifted from the window and the pure water is allowed to rinse down the glass completely washing any remaining dirt away. The window is then left wet and allowed to dry on its own to a completely spot free finish. This process can also be done in the rain getting the same results. For complete price list please visit the price list page

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