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Do I have to be at home when you clean my windows?

No, we will contact you the day before to let you know that we are coming to clean. If access is required then we would need you to leave a gate unlocked for us. When we are finished we will put a card through your letterbox to say we have been.

Do you clean in the rain?

Yes we do. Rain has no effect on the outcome when using pure water.

Do you climb up ladders?

We do not. We have water fed poles that extend up to 30 feet (about 3 storeys). All cleaning is done from ground level. Ladders are only used to gain access to flat roofs etc.

How do I pay you?

There are a number of ways that you can pay us. Sign up to GoCardless and after every clean we can take the payment from you without you having to worry. This is completely safe and you can cancel at any time. Alternatively you can transfer money directly to our account, we just need you to put the first line of your address as a reference. Some customers prefer to pay by cash but this has to be agreed before hand and is not a preferred method.

Do you offer discounts for booking multiple services?

Discounts on extra services can be earnt by recurring them on regular basis. You can also earn credit to your window cleaning account when you refer a friend and they book with us.